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Our Ethics

There is much more behind a product than what you can see or taste. Each creation is made of a series of elements born and grown with our history, elements that transmit all the values ​​we have always believed in.

Natural manufacturing processes

For raw materials and our semi-finished products, for which we do not use any chemical or synthetic substances during processing. This allows us to create products that best express the characteristics of the starting ingredients.

Quality first

It is by selecting the best raw materials and semi-finished products that we are able to guarantee genuine and authentic products.

Passion and goodness, always respecting the environment

Crastan has always been attentive to your well-being and that of the environment. Our company was one of the first in Italy to dedicate itself to organic farming, in 1991.

During the production of our barley-based products we do not use any chemical or synthetic products, thus managing to reuse production residues through the creation of natural fertilizers and biofuels.

Furthermore, today all organic products in jars are 100% recyclable!

We have always been like a big family

Crastan has been a cutting-edge company since the end of the 19th century. It was one of the first factories to introduce a sort of company mutual, an unthinkable situation at the time.

This care towards our collaborators still remains alive today, so much so that our company is like a large, united family.

Crastan is committed to respecting the ecosystem that surrounds us, which is why our production processes have been designed to have a low environmental impact. we are committed to making all our products completely recyclable and eco friendly to give our consumers the best possible in terms of quality while respecting our environment.