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Our history

Since 1870 we have been producing with you in mind.

It all began in 1870, when Luzio Crastan, a Swiss entrepreneur, had a great and revolutionary intuition: to give everyone a valid and interesting alternative to coffee.

Thus was born in Pontedera his first laboratory dedicated to the creation of tasty alternatives to coffee, then based on chicory.

The peculiarities of its products, the original taste and the unique aroma, immediately began to enter the habits of Italians, allowing the three sons Felice, Niccolo and Guglielmo to expand the range at the beginning of the 20th century (CAFFEOL, OLANDESE FAGO, MORETTO).

In 1960 the typical chicory was replaced by barley, a cereal which, once toasted, releases a simple and genuine aroma and taste.