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Barley and Coffee – Ø 44 mm ESE Pods

€305 €359
108 gr.

A combination of roasted Barley and Coffee in ESE44 compostable pods for espresso machines

Crastan Barley and Coffee is a blend of barley and coffee presented in ESE44 compostable pods. It combines the natural qualities of barley with the taste and aroma of excellent coffee. Barley is naturally rich in genuine aromas and flavours, caffeine- and sugar free.
Rich in cereals with a reduced amount of coffee, this special blend preserves the taste of coffee while reducing caffeine consumption (compared to a normal espresso)

  • Barley 100% from Italian cultivation only
  • More cereals & less coffee
  • No added flavours
  • To be sweetened to taste
  • Pods to be disposed in organic waste
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Ingredients
  • Preparation
  • Nutritional values
  • Recyclability
Ingredients: Barley (70%), Coffee (30%)Format: 108g box (18 pods) EAN code: 8007100069618
Insert a pod into the espresso machine with the more rounded side at the top
Dispense hot water
Sugar to taste

Place a wafer in a cup
Pour boiling water
Leave to infuse for 5-6 minutes
Compress the pod with a spoon
Sugar to taste
Nutrition delcaration
Per 100g
1020 KJ - 242Kcal
2,2 g
of which saturates
0,6 g
40,6 g
of which sugars
0 g
13,3 g
8,4 g
0,0 g
Good... also for the environment.
Find out how to recycle our packaging.

Case > Paper
Sachet > Plastic
Pod > Organic