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Barley Relax

380 gr.

With 1mg melatonin, it facilitates sleep

With Orzo Relax you can prepare a pleasant hot beverage that combines the benefits of melissa (lemon balm) and hawthorn - two plants known for their relaxing and soothing effects - with the action of melatonin, which helps to induce sleep.

With its pleasant and delicate taste, it is the perfect bedtime brew.

    • Ingredients
    • Preparation
    • Nutritional values
    • Recyclability
    Ingredients: barley (86.97%), lemon balm extract (8.5%), hawthorn extract (4.5%), melatonin (0.029%). EAN code: 8007100082006
    Pour the contents of a sachet into a cup, add hot water (approximately 120 ml) and sweeten to taste.
    Nutritional information
    Per 100ml
    44 KJ - 10 Kcal
    0 g
    of which saturated
    0 g
    2,3 g
    of which sugars
    0 g
    14 g
    6,5 g
    0,13 g
    0,84 mg
    Good... also for the environment.
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