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Orzo Pupo Soluble

200 gr.

Orzo Pupo is a historic Crastan brand, born and registered in 1968. Crastan instant Orzo Pupo is still loved by Italians today because it is a pleasant, aromatic and natural drink, suitable for the whole family.
Caffeine-free, Orzo Pupo is an alternative to coffee in children’s breakfast.
Its taste contains the best selected, toasted and solubilised Italian barley varieties.

Crastan Orzo Pupo:

  • 100% barley only from Italian crops
  • Naturally caffeine-free
  • Naturally sugar-free
  • Perfect for children
  • Ingredients
  • Preparation
  • Nutritional values
  • Recyclability
Ingredient: Barley Formato: 200g glass jar EAN code: 80062073
  1. Take a cup and add 2-3 teaspoons of Crastan instant barley
  2. Add sugar to taste
  3. Pour in a little hot water or milk and stir to dissolve the barley
  4. Add the remaining part of water or milk to complete the drink
  5. Also try it cold with a few ice cubes
Nutritional information
Per 100g
1499 KJ - 354 Kcal
0 g
of which saturated
0 g
76 g
of which sugars
0 g
12 g
6,5 g
0,19 g
Good... also for the environment.
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